Every year City of Sydney commissions a major community-based public art project as part of Art & About. This year, Reef Knot’s ‘I Heart Kings Cross’ project was chosen to engage with the truly diverse and spirited community of Kings Cross as well as local artists.

Over two months Reef Knot will collaborate with a team of artists to run assorted knitting circles in Fitzroy Gardens and other local businesses. Then, in early October 2009, the finished pieces will be installed throughout the Cross in a celebration of colour, tolerance and diversity.

‘I Heart Kings Cross’ will be installed from 10-25 October.

Reef Knot’s practice is firmly entrenched in recycling and re-use and we look forward to finding suitable re-uses for the fabric when the installation period is completed.


Reef Knot is a scalable artist collective. On a project by project basis we collaborate with  artists across all art forms. For ‘I Heart Kings Cross’ Reef Knot comprises the following team:

Creative Directors
Michelle McCosker
Alasdair Nicol

Artists and Knitting Instructors
Zoe Tubbenhauer
Jade Waszkiewicz
Popi Silk
Helen McCosker
Alia Parker
Kirsty McCosker
Alexandra Forsyth
Denise Litchfield

Producers (for Tendril Productions)
Alasdair Nicol
Jamie Gerlach
Suse Rugg
Laura Pike


2 responses to “About

  1. maria farmer

    the most wonderful, beautiful thing i have seen in a while. love love love and please leave it for as long as you can. congratulations whoever had the idea and more congratulations to whoever paid for it.

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