So how do I knit?

Here’s a quick guide for anyone who’s finding it difficult to get along to any of our knitting circles but still wants to take part in the project. The video features Michelle McCosker as well as two of our excellent artists, Jade Waszkiewicz and Zoe Tubbenhauer, showing you how to cast on, knit your way through a piece and cast off.

Big thanks to MoR (Master of Ribongia) feat. Lanie Lane for the use of their stunning track ‘Workit Out’. Catch them at the High & Dry Festival this November. If you want the track now, click the iTunes link below.

Mor (Master of Ribongia) - Master of Ribongia - Workit Out (feat. Lanie Lane)


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  1. emma

    hi there
    how long is the knitting going on for?


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