Time flies but so much happens

Well the last couple of weeks have raced by with half a dozen knitting circles and all manner of behind the scenes activity in preparation for the install. The Saturday knitting circles have grown to forty or fifty folks throughout the day and cosy gatherings are coming together at The Elk (Thursdays) and Coco Cubano (Sundays). Even our slightly-out-of-the-neighbourhood knitting circles at the Tudor Hall on Saturday evenings are pulling quite a crowd. To see what it’s all about, have a look at our updated flickr page.

We also took delivery of a huge pile of wool last week – 105kgs to be exact! Some really exciting yarns came our way and are already being included in the pieces.

Oh, and then there’s the t-shirts and knitting bags. Delivered on the dot 5pm last Friday they found themselves debuting at Saturday’s circle. The bags particularly are proving a hit to transport your wool n needles around town (one’s already made it’s way to Thailand). You can get yours at any of the knitting circles or by emailing info@byreefknot.net – discounts for anybody contributing to the project.



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